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bio from old official website (after coral fang was released)

The Distillers are purely, a punk band. It’s that simple. The new album Coral Fang is the culmination of the perfect chemistry between four top notch musicians who hate each other.

The band was founded by Brody Dalle, an Australian native who washed up on an L.A. beach at 17. She soon turned her culture shock and angst into music that screamed the truth. The Distillers’ first record, simply titled The Distillers, is a hardcore portrayal of all-girl gang fight. It gives a shout-out to many of the band’s early influences. Their sound developed further with their next album Sing Sing Death House, as did their line up. Drummer Andy Granelli, former semi-professional wrestler and drummer for The Nerve Agents was asked to beat the skins, and bass player Ryan Sinn, (who hates ice cream and pussy rock, but really digs pumpkins and Johnny Cash) joined the band. Now the stage was set.

The Distillers worked the road hard, touring as a power three piece for a solid year before the final piece of the puzzle fell into place. The band asked lackey Tony “Bichon” Bradley to play guitar and lip sync for the now complete line up of The Distillers. It is time to hit the ground running and let the world know who The Distillers are and their plans for taking over the world.

The new Distillers album Coral Fang is the first part of their master plan. “Our music has matured on this album… though we haven’t, we’re still a punk band, we still play punk music, and we still hate you,” says Brody. Introduced on this summers’ Lollapalooza tour as hailing from “the city of assholes,” they road tested the new material on the kids, and the little fuckers loved it. “I fucking loved it,” said more than one of those little fuckers after the Lolla shows – “I can’t wait for the new record.”

And now it’s here………… The new Distillers record will hit the streets like a school bus crash on October 14th.

So rush out and get your copy of Coral Fang - and don’t steal it off the internet you little assholes.

older bio from official Epitaph website

What made Evel Knievel so rad is not only that he could jump high and far, but lacked no shortage of class. He took a beatings with a smile; an indestructible, stylish, and fearless motherfucker. Without a doubt, THE DISTILLERS' first, self-titled foray into the world of music, they jumped over trash heap lyrics and broken windshield clichés littering the punk landscape and landed with authority. Greatness and expansion are rarely based on repetition. Not content to land the same trick over and over again, what THE DISTILLERS set off to clear on their second full-length, Sing Sing Death House, has been set on fire. The musical distance has been increased.

Steering the ship with gritty, slur-phrased screams from the gutter and searing guitar is twenty-two-year-old Australian, Brody. Bolt that on to the fact you can almost see the lipstick smeared outside the lines from Rose's sneering, lurching rhythm guitar and you've got a recognizable force. Andy, who's pulling double duty skin-destroying drum missions in both THE DISTILLERS and The Nerve Agents (no, not the lethal organo-phosphorus compounds, the hardcore band on Hellcat) adds to the arsenal. Just as Brody found Rose immediately prior to recording the first record, the band found Ryan working at a record store a month before Sing Sing Death House. Unlike the Berlin Wall, Ryan's bass doesn’t crumble, doesn't divide the songs, and just as there's love at first sight, the band opened up and immediately fell in step with the recording process.

With Brett Gurewitz (Bad Religion, owner of Epitaph Records) at the mixing helm, produced by THE DISTILLERS and Donnell Cameron (NOFX, Pennywise, 7 Seconds) and recorded at Westbeach, you know the record sounds like a missle's going off from your stereo to directly between your eyes.

Musical influences may be the protective skin, but aren't the heart of the matter. Curious to as what THE DISTILLERS sound like? Fuck you core: The Plasmatics, Discharge, Expoited, Bad Religion, Blondie, Germs, Rancid. Better yet, try this on. Walk outside. Look for a yard with a big, nasty dog. Jump the fence. That feeling when the German Shepard sinks its teeth into your nuts or hoo hoo? THE DISTILLERS are the aural equivalent to that attack. Adrenaline charges, blood, fur flying, and a cool scar to show your friends. The beauty of the bruise is that it shows that you're alive and when Brody screams, "Are you ready to be liberated?" be prepared to see how far THE DISTILLERS have taken punk's freedom machine when played right. Freedom, one chord at a time, beating the world back with the right, fierce melody.

Welcome the new fireballs. The new daredevils.


detailed brody/distillers bio by sam of the spinnerette chronicles
written in october 2005

l.a. knew what it needed...
punk music once seemed dead to the world as pop-punk and hip-hop dominate the brains of american youth as well as conquering massive amounts of airplay and the charts. for a long time america had never seen a female as the one they were about to be exposed to. the closest thing in recent times? gwen stefani might come to mind, who, mind you- left her "punk" roots back in '99 with the release of no doubt's "return to saturn". but nothing quite like this has come around in a long, long time... the face of hardcore punk changed in the late 90's when the world was exposed to a little static noise, punk rock band out of l.a. called the distillers.
bree (brody) leslie pucilowski was born in fitzroy, melbourne (aus.) on january 1st, 1979. she had a typical, fucked up life... not really grasping emotions at home and all around her . at a young age, brody's mother kicked her father out of the house leading to more pent-up frustration for brody. since brody could not run from herself... she tried it anyway, turning to drugs and alcohol at the age of 13. home wasn't home for her anymore. home was a joke... there seemed to be no emotion, no love and no sanity. brody began to run away regularly, and she soon turned to cutting. with life seeming to be going down a drain, brody did everything she could to avoid reality and the aliens who were supposed to be her "family"...
frustrated and hating life, brody realized that she had skipped too many days from high school, and was expelled for bad attendence as well as untolerated behavior which ultimately led to brody's mother sending her to a very strict catholic school for girls. shortly after being transfered to the catholic school, brody started to play electric guitar and was a familiar face in the crowd at local punk rock shows in and outside of her native melbourne, aus..

the "sourpuss" era...
at about the age of 15, brody formed a grunge band called sourpuss. with the time frame of roughly one 1/2 years, sourpuss hastily grew a decent-sized fanbase, and in the blink of an eye was playing alongside the likes of bands like sonic youth. sourpuss eventually played the somersault festival in melbourne, where she met rancid frontman, tim armstrong. at the time brody was only 16... 16 years of age and in love with a man 12 years older than her! a few years later and with a notable public staure, brody left australia at age18 with no remorse and no regret. during the same year, brody and tim armstrong were married in los angeles, california... spawning brody armstrong!

the distillers...

tim armstrong signed a newly formed punk band called the distillers (hellcat records) in 1999 fronted by, you guessed it- brody. their self-titled cd is enough to bleed even the toughest of ears. the breakthrough band members included brody armstrong (main vox and lead guitar), kim "chi" fullerman (bass guitar), mat young (percussion) and casper rose (vox and 2nd guitar). the band was promoted on various compilation records that were released through tim's very own hellcat records. the distillers self-titled record gained them fairly notable success, but mainly in the underground punk rock circuit. tim arranged brody's band to open for rancid a number of times and tim also got them on the bill for numerous punk tours such as van's warped tour... although the band's name and sound was getting vastly spread, the original lineup lasted only a few months. kim "chi" fullerman and mat young hit the road to join original sinners before the second record even started recording.
shortly after kim and mat left the distillers, ryan sinn and andy outbreak (from nerve agents) were on the bill. the remaining original distillers, as well as the two new recruits went into the studio to record the follow-up to the self-titled record. at this time brody finds herself in love with life- and completely satisfied with her brand new "family".

sing sing death house mania...
after learning the ropes on touring, love, and band member relations, the new distillers were better sounding than ever. the release of "sing sing death house" brought even more success for brody and her band. only one problem- after the writing, recording, mastering and some touring for the new record, casper rose felt that her heart just wasn't in the distillers any longer, and she quit the band. how would the distillers do now that a great team player has left? not to shabby!... it is now 2002, and the distillers are hotter than ever. their first music video for the song "the young crazed peeling" was in heavy rotation on mtv, and in mid-2002, the distillers were opening up for garbage and no doubt on no doubt's "rock steady tour" of the united states. although just a three-piece band, they were more successful than ever, achieving more than they ever thought would be possible. thanks to no doubt, the distillers fanbase grows from "underground" to "obscene"!
everything seemed fine, but at the most content of times dissapointment shows its ugly face...

the coral fang reveals the darkest secrets...
2003 was a very hectic year for brody, and the distillers. some good mixed with a lot of bad. a long-time roadie for the band, tony bevilacqua (bradley) is recruited to the band to back up brody on guitar. a new lineup and lots of growth gave way to the birth of the new distillers. but that isnt all that fueled the bands fire behind the beast that was to become know as coral fang. in 2003, brody publiclly announced her seperation from husband tim armstrong. shortly after, and to much of the public's attention, the two divorced. at about the same time the band released "coral fang" with an unheard sound and lyrical depth, as well as a new record deal and a new last name for brody. brody changes her name from brody armstrong to brody dalle. she picked the name for herself from an actress out of one of her favorite films "betty blue". the actresses' name is beattrice dalle.
the band signed to warner bros. records/sire to release "coral fang" followed by a huge promotional campaign lead by an insane touring schedule. the promotion for the new record brought the distillers to play van's warped tour again, but brody and the boys quickly scratched that plan. brody felt uncomfortable playing along side her ex-husband, so the band signed onto the bill for the famous lollapalooza tour. publicity soon shot across the ocean, making the distillers welcome with open arms to continents like japan and europe. the massive cult success of "coral fang" also brought forth demand. headlining demands for the distillers not only here in the states, but overseas as well. they were now playing sold out shows at some of britains' hugest arenas and academys, such as brixton. the distillers were now regulars in other continents.

back at home, brody dalle and tim armstrongs' divorce was big news. every magazine and all over the internet people were talking. rumors of abuse started circulating, and things seemed to get violent. brody was rumored to have met and fell in love with queens of the stone age's frontman josh homme while on tour for lollapalooza. the distillers fanbase seemed to downsize. for a long time brody never publically spoke about the divorce.
but when she spoke, people listened. not to remmenance on all of the negativitey, brody basically told interested persons that she "doesn't know who tim is anymore" and that she lost alot after the divorce from tim, including many friends. people that she thought she knew and could confide in. people she thought cared about her.

the distillers... the end??

brody eventually goes with josh homme and queens of the stone age in early 2005 for the queen's tour. rumors of an engagement between the two start to form, which have since then, proved to be true. currently, the distillers are taking a long-awaited and definately earned break. since the release of "coral fang" brody has said that she has made up with her mother and father, and now they are the higest of value today in brody's life. everything seems very positive for brody dalle and she along with josh, are now regular visitors to melbourne, australia.
the distillers' destiny, as well as rumors of brody going solo, have all yet to be confirmed.


baby you make my heart beat faster