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- news -

- 2.26.09 -
brody says spinnerette cd to be released in may! head over to http://spinnerettemusic.com/ for more 411 and order the new sex bomb single on vinyl!

- watch brody at the nme awards 09 -

- 02.06.09 -
still working on organization, and design elements. little things every night. soon to be adding a ton more pictures to the galleries. i've still got a huge list of things to add.. slowly checking it off. please email me @ thedistillers.clairebear.com if you have suggestions! there's also a lot of video downloads I still don't have, so if you have anything I should add, I would appreciate the help.. and make sure to head over to the official spinnerette fansite, spinnerette chronicles, on valentine's day!

- 01.18.09 -
almost done updating everything from my old site to the new design.
currently working on archiving all online interviews in the interview section
(so interviews aren't lost as links disappear).
i have a neverendling list of things to add and update.. keep checking back!

- 01.03.09 -
distillers.clairebear.com - the distillers beat your heart out:
cleaning up, re-designing, consistently updating

brody's new band, spinnerette, releases their ep! (12.08) - go and get it!

- ghetto love - spinnerette -

baby you make my heart beat faster